10-10-12 - Al Qaeda and 9-11

10-10-12 - Al Qaeda and 9-11 - Al Qaeda and 911 Usama Bin...

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Al Qaeda and 9–11 Usama Bin Laden (1957 –) was the son of Muhammad Bin Laden – an extremely wealthy contractor of Yemeni origin. specifically Hadhramawt. Hadhramawt is known for Sufism. His father came to Saudi Arabia in the 30s and took advantage of the oil and construction boom to become a billionaire. His company is known as Bin Laden Group – became close to the Saudi royal family. He was worth $11 billion by the time of his death. Usama’s mother was from Syria – he is a middle easterner, not a Saudi. Mohammed Bin Laden believed in the Mehdi – the Messiah. In 1969, an Australian Zionist tried to set a fire in the Dome of the Rock – the third holiest site in Islam. The Bin Laden Group got the contract to rebuild it. Usama was raised with Saudi princes (about 7,000 in total). He studied civil engineering in Abd al–Aziz University, Jedda, but was not a very good engineer. He spent a lot of time at University studying fundamentalist Islam. He had a very serious religious streak (in contrast to other Saudi Princes). He studied with the brother of Abdullah Azzam (later jihad leader, Afghanistan). The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was a total shock in Saudi Arabia – Communism is the exact of opposite of Saudi philosophy. There was also the fear that the USSR would end up with
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10-10-12 - Al Qaeda and 9-11 - Al Qaeda and 911 Usama Bin...

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