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10-11-18 - Modern Iraq - Councils” in al-Anbar province...

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Summer 2006-2007: The Great Iraqi Massacre – thousands were killed per month. The blowup of the Samarra Shrine in 2006 was what finally kicked the civil war up. Shiite militias decided to, basically, liquidate the Sunnis in Iraq, in order to stem Sunni terrorism. Perhaps a million people were displaced abroad. Baghdad went from being 50/50 Sunni-Shiite to 65% Shiite in January 2007, and 75% Shiite in July 2007. Sunnis who now want to come back have no place to come back to. Baghdad was ethnically cleansed, and this has disappeared from the American media. Baghdad has been a center of learning historically for Arab Sunnis. There is a widespread belief that Iran and the US are secretly allies in removing Sunnis from the country. Al-Maliki formed a government with a “spoils system” of cabinet placement. Al-Maliki national unity party collapsed as various factions deserted him. The Americans wrecked the Iraq economy, firing Sunnis and Baaths. Sunnis who had nowhere to go and were under attack from all sides, so that they began American made “Awakening
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Unformatted text preview: Councils” in al-Anbar province in order to stem violence. Al-Maliki sent the Iraqi army to Basra in order to take down the Mahdi army. The American military supplied logistics, given that the Iraqi army was finally capable of fighting with local militias. With American air support, he won the battle and gained significant stature. Maliki sends army into Diyala province in August 2008 in an effort to take further control of northern Iraq. The army came into conflict with the Peshmerga at Khanaquin. The US wanted to make a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq in November 2008. The US agreed to make warrants for attacks and coordinate attacks with the Iraqi government. All US troops out by 2011 (November). No legal immunity for private security guards. In July 2009 (first time US didn’t patrol), deaths and bombings went down by 1/3 rd . In January 2009 there are provincial elections...
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