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exercise-in-contracts Page 1 You are given the following defined class ROOM with the only features you need for this problem. class ROOM feature {ANY} status : STATUS -- One of reserved , unreserved , occupied , repair guest : GUEST -- Only for HOTEL void unless occupied or reserved . end Write require, ensure and class invariant assertions for the following methods of a class HOTEL that represents rooms and guests at a hotel. The minimum size of a hotel is 100 rooms. Write your assertions in as formal a mathematical notation as possible. Your assertions do not have to be executable. class HOTEL create make feature avail_rooms : LIST[ROOMS] -- List of all the rooms not under repair -- available for use
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Unformatted text preview: repair_rooms : LIST[ROOMS] -- List of all the rooms under repair capacity : INTEGER -- Number of rooms in the hotel make (size : INTEGER) -- Build a new hotel with size rooms where all rooms are available. require ensure vacancy : BOOLEAN -- Returns true if and only if there is an unreserved room. require ensure unreserved_check_in (guest : GUEST) -- The guest has not made a reservation. Puts the guest into an unreserved room. require ensure remove_room_for_repair (room : ROOM) -- Moves an unoccupied room from the available list to the repair list. require ensure vacancy_count : INTEGER -- Returns the number of unreserved rooms. require ensure invariant end...
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