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Project_1 - connection to the server and sends the name of...

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Project 1 CSE3214 Winter 2012 Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering CSE3214 – Computer Network Protocols and Applications Project 1 Introduction to Client Server Model The purpose of this lab is to introduce you to the basics of client/server programming. This lab is done individually . You can use either Java or C to do the project. Write a simple file transfer application. The application consists of a server running on a machine, and one or more clients running on a different machines. For the server, the port number will be specified as a command line argument to the server process. The server starts and waits for any client to connect. For the client, the server name is specified as the first command line argument, and the server port is the second command line argument. The client starts a
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Unformatted text preview: connection to the server and sends the name of a file. The server reads the file and sends its contents to the client. The client then displays the file on the monitor. If the file does not exist, the server should return to the client the string “File does not exist:” Be sure to close every socket that you created before you exit the program. The project is due Feb. 8 th 2012. Shortly after that date, a time will be scheduled to demo your project in the lab. Bonus 10% bonus if you implement your program such that a different process/thread will handle the file transfer. Please read the academic honesty guidelines page (at the course web page). Assumptions 1. Assume that the file is in the same directory as the running server. 2. Assume that the file (if exists) is a plain text file....
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