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PROGRESSIVISM: LOCAL AND STATE Progressivism: progressivism was a local, state, and national reform movement dedicated to solving the worse conditions created by the rise of urban/industrial America, and to advancing American institutions through revitalizing American democracy. Characteristics: Confidence in the American Future Often bold, and innovative but not reformist, not revolutionary in intent Profound Confidence in the American experiment, very optimistic Goal: The restoration of “representative government” and protection and advancement of the community or the common good against self special interests. Solve the problem and create a strong fair community o Special Interest groups created a selfishness URBAN PROGRESSIVISM (1890S) Goals of Urban progressivism End political corruption, the rule of the “machine.” o Political parties run by bosses with machines that enabled them to use patronage to use coruption Provide efficient services Create communities with vibrant civic. Cultural, social life: “City Upon The Hill”
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