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Unformatted text preview: Graphs Definitions & Properties Implementations Depth-First Search Topological Sort Breadth-First Search Weighted Graphs Single-Source Shortest Path on DAGs General Single-Source Shortest Path (Dijkstra’s Algorithm) CSE 2011 Prof. J. Elder - 66 - Last Updated: 4/1/10 2:37 PM Properties Property 1 Notation v deg(v) |V| number of edges deg(v) Proof: each edge is counted twice number of vertices |E| = 2|E| degree of vertex v Property 2 In an undirected graph with no self-loops and no multiple edges |E| |V| (|V| Example |V| = 4 |E| = 6 deg(v) = 3 1)/2 Proof: each vertex has degree at most (|V| 1) Q: What is the bound for a digraph? A: E V (V CSE 2011 Prof. J. Elder 1) - 67 - Last Updated: 4/1/10 2:37 PM Main Methods of the (Undirected) Graph ADT Vertices and edges Update methods are positions insertVertex(o): insert a vertex storing element o store elements insertEdge(v, w, o): insert an edge (v,w) storing element o Accessor methods endVertices(e): an array of the two endvertices of e removeVertex(v): remove vertex v (and its incident edges) opposite(v, e): the vertex opposite to v on e removeEdge(e): remove edge e Iterator methods areAdjacent(v, w): true iff v and w are adjacent replace(v, x): replace element at vertex v with x replace(e, x): replace element at edge e with x CSE 2011 Prof. J. Elder - 68 - incidentEdges(v): edges incident to v vertices(): all vertices in the graph edges(): all edges in the graph Last Updated: 4/1/10 2:37 PM Running Time of Graph Algorithms Running time often a function of both |V| and |E|. For convenience, we sometimes drop the | . | in asymptotic notation, e.g. O(V+E). CSE 2011 Prof. J. Elder - 69 - Last Updated: 4/1/10 2:37 PM Implementing a Graph (Simplified) Adjacency List CSE 2011 Prof. J. Elder - 70 - Adjacency Matrix Last Updated: 4/1/10 2:37 PM ...
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