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CUBAN, THE UNITED STATES AND THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR Cuba and America Power Cuba: Spanish colony in revolt and American interest Yellow Journalism: sensation coverage of Cuban revolt Humanitarian Concerns: the brutality of Spanish repression United State Nationalism: American flexes its muscles Diverting social protests (panic of 1893) Strategic Importance: the proximity of Cuba Economic Interests o Business in America was very conservative o Against war Spanish America War 1898: Growing pressure for Spain to leave Cuba Feb. 15, 1898: the battleship Maine blows up in Havana harbor
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Unformatted text preview: March 1898: American ultimatum to Spain “The Splendid Little War” April 1898: America declares war • Naval War: U.S. easily destroys Spanish fleets in Caribbean and Philippines • Land war: San Juan hill and glory Peace Treaty • Cuba is freed • U.S. takes possession of Spanish colonies: Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines Cuban/American Relations: The Pratt Amendment (1901) Cuba can make no treaty impairing independence Cuba can make any debt that it can’t repay U.S. has right to intervene U.S. right to naval bases (Guantanamo)...
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