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31 Circuit vs. Packet Switching Circuit-Switched Networks ( telephone networks ) Advantages circuit establishment delay circuit establishment introduces ‘initial delay’ inefficient use of capacity channel capacity is dedicated for the duration of a connection, even if no data is being transferred (e.g. silent periods in speech) network complexity end-to-end circuit establishment and bandwidth allocation requires complex signaling software to coordinate operation of switches Disadvantages guaranteed Quality of Service data is transmitted at fixed (guaranteed) rate; delay at nodes is negligible
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32 Circuit vs. Packet Switching (cont.) Advantages greater line efficiency network links are dynamically shared by many packets / connections
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Unformatted text preview: no blocked traffic – packets are accepted even under heavy traffic, but delivery delay may increase variable delay – each node introduces additional variable delay due to processing and queueing overhead – to route packets through a packet-switching network, overhead information including the address of destination and/or sequence information must be added to each packet Disadvantages Packet-Switched Networks ( the Internet ) 33 Trends in Network Evolution It’s all about services – Building networks involves huge expenditures – Services that generate revenues drive the network architecture Current Trends – Packet Switching vs. Circuit Switching – Multimedia Applications – Many service providers and overlay networks...
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7CSE3213_02_PacketSwitchingW2012 - no blocked traffic –...

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