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1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering COSC 3213: Computer Networks I (Winter 2008) Instructor: N. Vlajic Date: February 20, 2008 Midterm Examination Instructions: Examination time: 75 min. Print your name and CS student number in the space provided below. This examination is closed book and closed notes. Calculator and one-sided cheat-sheet containing formulas only are allowed. There are 6 questions. The points for each question are given in square brackets, next to the question title. The overall maximum score is 100. Answer each question in the space provided. If you need to continue an answer onto the last page, clearly indicate that and label the continuation with the question number. FIRST NAME: ___________________________ LAST NAME: ___________________________ STUDENT #: ___________________________ Question Points 1 / 30 2 / 10 3 / 12 4 / 13 5 / 15 6 / 20 Total / 100
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2 1. Multiple Choice [30 points] time: 20 min Circle the letter beside the choice that is the best answer for each question. For each question choose only ONE answer. (1.1) The TCP/IP is a __________ hierarchical protocol suite developed _________ the OSI model. (a) seven-layer; before (b) five-layer; before (c) six-layer; before (d) five-layer; after (1.2) The TCP/IP ___________ layer is equivalent to the combined session, presentation, and application layers of the OSI model. (a) application (b) transport (c) network (d) data-link (1.3) The __________ layer is responsible for delivering data units from one station to the next without errors. (a) transport (b) network (c) data-link (d) physical (1.4) Given two sine waves A and B, if the frequency of A is twice that of B, then the period of B is _________________ that of A. (a)
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3213_Midterm_2008_solutions - Department of Computer...

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