CSE3213_03_LayeredArchitectureW2012 1.2

CSE3213_03_LayeredArchitectureW2012 1.2 - Layered...

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6 Layered Architecture service to Layer N+1 protocol with peer Layer N Layer 1 . . . Layer N . . . Layer 7 service from Layer N-1 Layer N Protocol Layering grouping of related communication functions into hierarchical set of layers each layer: (1) performs a subset of functions required for communication with another system (2) relies on next lower layer to perform more primitive functions (3) provides service to next higher layer (4) implements protocol for communication with peer layer in other systems vertical communication – commun. between adjacent layers – requires mutual understanding of what services and/or information lower layer must provide to layer above horizontal communication – commun. between software or hardware elements running at the same layer on different machines Horizontal communication between peer processes is virtual , i.e. indirect.
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7 Layered Architecture (cont.) Protocol set of rules that govern data comm. between peer entities layer-n peer processes communicate by exchanging
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CSE3213_03_LayeredArchitectureW2012 1.2 - Layered...

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