CSE3213_04_AnalogDigitalSignalsW2012 part 3

CSE3213_04_AnalogDigitalSignalsW2012 part 3 - phase shift...

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12 Analog Signals Classification of Analog Signals (1) Simple Analog Signal cannot be decomposed into simpler signals sinewave most fundamental form of periodic analog signal mathematically described with 3 parameters (1.1) peak amplitude (A) absolute value of signal’s highest intensity unit: volts [V] (1.2) frequency (f) number of periods in one second unit: hertz [Hz] = [1/s] inverse of period (T) ! (1.3) phase ( φ ) absolute position of the waveform relative to an arbitrary origin unit: degrees [º] or radians [rad] (2) Composite Analog Signal composed of multiple sinewaves ) ft sin(2 A s(t) π A T = 1/f The origin is usually taken as the last previous passage through zero from the negative to the positive direction. 1[s] 0[s]
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