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CSE3213_05_AnalogDigitalTransmissionW2012_Part_3 -...

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11 Transmission Impairments: Delay Distortion Delay Distortion change in signal’s form / shape each signal component has its own propagation speed through a medium, and therefore, its own delay in arriving at the final destination critical for composite-analog & digital signals some of the signal components of one bit position will spill over into other bit, causing ‘ intersymbol interference major limitation to achieving high bit rates in bandlimited channels, velocity tends to be highest near the center frequency and fall off towards the edges of the band
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12 Transmission Impairments: Noise Noise unwanted signals that get inserted / generated somewhere between transmitter and receiver major limiting factor in communications system performance cannot be predicted – appears at random ! presence of noise limits the reliability with which the receiver can correctly determine the information that was transmitted main categories of noise: (1) thermal noise (2) intermodulation noise (3) crosstalk (4) impulse noise
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CSE3213_05_AnalogDigitalTransmissionW2012_Part_3 -...

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