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26 Last Note about Signals … Throughput measurement of how fast data can pass through an entity in the network (computer, router, channel, etc.) if we consider this entity as a wall through which bits pass, throughput is the number of bits that can pass this wall in one second e.g. R=56 kbps Example [ throughput ] If the throughput at the connection between a device and the transmission medium is 56 kbps, how long does it take to send 100,000 bits out of this device? [sec] 1,786 [bps] 56000 [bit] 100000 [bps] R [bits] N t
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27 Propagation Time measures the time required for a signal (or a bit) to travel from one point of transmission medium to another d – length of physical link [m] c – signal propagation speed in medium 2*10 8 [m/s] Last Note about Signals … (cont.) [sec] c d p Example [ propagation time ] The light of the Sun takes approximately 8 minutes to reach the Earth? What is the distance between the Sun and the Earth?
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CSE3213_05_AnalogDigitalTransmissionW2012_Part_6 - Last...

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