CSE3213_07_ShiftKeyingW2012_Part_3 - Modulation of Digital...

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PSK phase of carrier signal is varied to represent binary 1 or 0 peak amplitude & freq. remain constant during each bit interval example : binary 1 = 0º phase, binary 0 = 180º ( rad) phase PSK is equivalent to multiplying carrier signal by +1 when the information is 1, and by -1 when the information is 0 demodulation : demodulator must determine the phase of received sinusoid with respect to some reference phase advantage : PSK is less susceptible to errors than ASK, while it requires/occupies the same bandwidth as ASK more efficient use of bandwidth (higher data-rate) are possible, compared to FSK !!! disadvantage : more complex signal detection / recovery process, than in ASK and FSK 0 binary ), t f Acos(2 1 binary t), f Acos(2 s(t) c c π π π Modulation of Digital Data: PSK 2-PSK, or Binary PSK , since only 2 different phases are used. +A
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CSE3213_07_ShiftKeyingW2012_Part_3 - Modulation of Digital...

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