HDFS_ASSIGNMENT1 - personal information, I can see the...

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Xie Danqing Xie HDFS 238 25 Sep 2011 Credit Report Analysis (Alternative) I do not have a credit card, so I went to the website and get the beta from those three samples. From the three credit reports, I know the applicant information, credit items, accounts in good standing, inquiries for credit history, consumer statements. Applicant information includes name, present address, former address, report date and time, date of birth and cell phone number. A credit item includes address, account number, account status, account type, term, monthly payment, and original amount. Accounts in good standing includes corporation names, account number, account type, date opened and closed, date paid, responsibility, account status, original amount, last payment, recent balance, and monthly payment. First, I find out four main sections in credit report, there are identifying personal information, public record information, credit history information, and inquiries. In identifying
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Unformatted text preview: personal information, I can see the name, address, date of birth, and social security number which are very private information. Second, I find out there are so many different types of credit cards individuals can choose. Such as open-ended, secured, closed-ended, unsecured, reward or rebate, retail cards. People in different situation can choose different kinds of cards. First way to improve credit is check the bills frequently and make a payment on time that can avoid late payment. Make sure the account is in balance is very important. Second way to improve credit is to make a alert on the cell phone or E-mail. In this way, it can remind credit card holders to pay the bills before the deadline and let them know how much they spent each 1 Xie time. Third way to improve credit is to keep the balance in lower limit, so the holders will not spent too much that they can not afford. 2...
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HDFS_ASSIGNMENT1 - personal information, I can see the...

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