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Writer’s Memo When I first started thinking about what to choose for my topic, I knew that I needed to write my paper on a place that I longed to go to on a daily basis; I needed to write about a place that was always on my mind because then I would remember the great memories that took place there. I chose my high school because I miss it, but I did not take into consideration that the process of writing my paper would make me so very emotional. As I did my research, looking for facts and history on the school, I suddenly started tearing up. I knew I missed Hinsdale Central, but not this much. The whole paper was easy to write for the most part. Even though this was not my intention, the memories and pictures in my head made it easy to describe the place. I knew a lot about my high school already, and since it is a highly rated school in Illinois, it
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Unformatted text preview: was not that difficult to find research about this place. The most difficult part, however, was trying to really describe the kinds of symbols that are around my school. Since I have not been there since May 2008, I could not remember there exact picture so I needed to do more research than I thought I would have to do. I wrote this paper in pieces; I would think of a memory and then that memory would lead me to another that I remembered a couple hours later. I like that I demonstrated this style of writing because I feel that it really came together in the end. I want the reader to understand how great this school really is and how it transformed me into the person I am today....
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