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Impact of World War I Economic, Social Impact I. WINNERS (Britain, France, the US, and their allies) a. Even the winners were not even winners. If one side lost a lot of land, the other lost a lot of men. During the war, countires stopped exporting their weapons because they were only producing enough to use in the war. They lost their export markets permanently after 1918 (when the war ends). II. LOSERS (Germans, Ottoman Turks, Austrians; Russia) a. These empires were even WORSE off than the winners. The war ended in exhaustion and these countries were the first to drop out. III. The LOST GENERATION a. Could not find their place in society
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Unformatted text preview: b. All soldiers had trouble getting back into the routine of life IV. An UGLIER WORLD a. Too much hatred and passion for revenge among the groups b. There was not a good peace treaty that was created V. GOOD NEWS! a. Women “paid their dues” b. They gained much more respect after having to fend for themselves and their families c. Also African Americans started moving out of the segregated US south to the north for “freedom.” VI. Social Darwinism disappears a. Many people lost confidence in themselves after WWI b. The sense of magic and superiority that Social Darwinism brought, disappeared after WWI...
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