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Zeanah et al 2009 Study Guide

Zeanah et al 2009 Study Guide - Zeanah et al(2009 study...

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Zeanah et al. (2009) study guide What is the goal of the study? The goal of the study was to determine if there is a relationship between adverse early experiences and subsequent psychiatric disorders. Why is the study novel? This study is novel because a group of researchers had previously never had the idea to randomly remove children from orphanages to determine the role the orphanage may play on psychiatric disorders. Who were the participants? Describe the sample. The participants were young children living in institutions between 6 and 30 months of age. 136 children were taken in the sample. These children were also compared to 59 children who had never been institutionalized. Describe the procedure of the study. Specifically, how were participants assigned to groups? o 136 children passed the eligibility for the study. The 136 children were divided randomly into two groups of 68 for children who were institutionalized and children who received foster care. However, some numbers were lost and in the
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