A Dark - A Dark-Age Image-Problem Iconoclasm...

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A Dark-Age Image-Problem Iconoclasm Controversy/Crisis – Icons survivedmuch better inside the byzantine world. Icon – A religious image that has a sense of devotion that makes it more important than art. Usually a frontal image of a religiously significant figure. It’s used for religious purposes. Generally portable and painted on to bits of wood. A Christian innovation. Prototype Tempera – Way of painting icons, used with egg yolk. Encaustic- A style of painting used to paint ancient icons, many of the icons found at St. Catherines used this technique. St. Catherines (Sinai) – A great treasure trove of icons that still exists today. Dura Europos – A massively fortified roman city. Containing many religious structures including a synagogue. Fresco Iconoclasm Iconophile Yazid II (724) Byzantine Iconoclasm (730-843) Byzantine iconoclasm is different from other iconoclasm because it: is an imperial run iconoclasm, it’s very thorough, and it was exceptionally successful.
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A Dark - A Dark-Age Image-Problem Iconoclasm...

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