Dark Age Economics - Dark Age Economics Dhuoda A highly...

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Dark Age Economics Dhuoda – A highly literate woman preceeding Charlemagne. She shows the success of his program, he brought textual information to a laywoman. Denarius – Small silver coins of the carolingeans. With karolus on one side, small cross on the other. Aachen – city in present day Germany, Charlemagne built a palace there. Only the chapel still survives today, a part of the cathedral of Aachen today as well. Palace Chapel Fossa Carolina (798) – A channel that runs from the rhine to the Danube, it was created to improve transport of goods by CHarlemagne Plan of St. Gall (820) – A plan of a a medieval architectural rawing. It is the only major architecture drawing that has suriveved from the Carolingian era. Mustair – A city in the swiss alps that has a monastery dedicated to St. Andrew San Vincenzo Al Volturno – A historic bendectine monastery that rose during charlemagnes range that rose as an outpost of Carolingian authority in Italy. Bible of San Paolo (870) – A 9 th century illuminated bible. T is the most sumptuous surviving Carolingian bible. Cathedra Petri (870) – A relic in St. Peters basilica encolesd in bronge. It is the chair of st. petere Lothair Cyrstal (850) – An engraved gem from Lotharingia that depics the biblical story of
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Dark Age Economics - Dark Age Economics Dhuoda A highly...

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