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Making the difference in the “Iron Century” Review session Saturday 17th Maiestas Domini – “Magesty of the Lord” Consanguinity – Same bloodedness. Marrying your brothers, sisters, and cousins. In ancient times the Carolingian policy was 4 th cousins. This hampered aristocrats from keeping the patrimony together Lothar II – The son of Emperor lothair I who was married to Theutberga. He decideds to disown/dismarry her, he claims that she is guilty of sodomy with her brother which made her infertile. The plan didn’t work. Attempts to divorce her again when he calls for a synod of bishops and asked for permission to divorce theutberga Theutberga – Wife of Lothair II. She agrees to undergo a trial of dropping her in water. She sank and was decided that she was therefore not guilty. Hucbert – The brother of of Theutberga. Waldrada – Wife of Theudebald of Austrasia and Chlothar king of the franks.
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