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Primary Sources History 210 - Written in the 9 th century...

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Primary Sources History 210 The Life of St. Columba: Ecclesiastical History, Bede Book 1: Talks about Britain, picts, Saxons, Gregory, and augastine From Roman to Merovingian Gaul: Discue boniface’s interaction with various popes, inquiring about their recommendations for certain situations. Took place in the 8 th century. Divine Images, John of Damascus: John basically defends using icons. Written in the 8 th century. Handbook for William: discusess proper acting for any person growing up in Carolingian society.
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Unformatted text preview: Written in the 9 th century The Plays of Hrotsvit: First plays shows the grace of god preforming miracles on the three martyrs who refuse to denounce Christianity. The lives of mathilda: the only one that will be entirely about mathilda, discues how she was a divine woman. Lived approximately 12 th century. The Embassy: Chronicle of Ahimaaz:...
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