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Reform in the cloister - wife’s dowry and his favorite...

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Reform in the cloister Frankoi Anianism Pluralist Abbot Lay Abbot Gorze Einoldof TouL Monastic Consuetudines – A group of monastaries that are consciously associated with themselves following the same rule. “monastic liberty” Cluny – The first monastic order in the history of western monasticism. The first house which stringed together subordinate monasteries. Stood for a strict separation between the cloister and what was set outside. Benedictine Order Monastic Order Cluniac Order Duke William III of Aquitaine – In 909, he gave a gift of a farm to his spiritual advisor. It was his
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Unformatted text preview: wife’s dowry, and his favorite hunting lodge. Donated the property to the monastic community and signed a document stated that they were not under he jurisdiction of any other people. Donation Charter – Cluniac defends its autonomy against the outside world. Daughter House Odo of Cluny “Work of God” Gregorian chant Proper chant/ordinary chant- proper chant is a chant that is only for the innaugration of a new church. Antiphon Life of St. Gerald Intercessionary prayer Necrology Cluny II (981)...
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