theiron centruys silver lining

theiron centruys silver lining - Liudolfinger- Scholars say...

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Lent – 40 days of fasting leading up to easter Fast – not eating at all. In medieval calendar there was about 150 days. Venationes Solitudo – a place of solitude w Forestium – an early medieval word to describe where trees are particularil numerous Cloister Hortus Conclusus - Baronius (1607) – An author who wrote a history of the earth. He wrote a concept of the 10 th century, the iron century which he characterized as being dark. Feudal Anarchy – when virtually anybody can appropriate the fiefs and can ignore the orders of their overlord. Everybody is competing to have more. Pornocracy Cadaver Council (897) – The council that occurred when Formosis was exhumed and trialed for his crimes Stem Duchies – domains of the different Germanic kingoms Regino of Prum (915) Lous the Child (911) Ottonian – Looked to take over the stem duchy of Saxony. They were the dukes of Saxony. The advantage they had was the frontier.
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Unformatted text preview: Liudolfinger- Scholars say the ottonians should be refered to as liudolfinger Henry the fowler (936) Was chosen by east Frankish magnates to be the King of the Saxons. Fowler because he enjoyed hunting with hawks. He built up east Frankish authority effectively. Otto I (973) – The son of henry Holy Lance Lechfeld (955) – the east Frankish army trounced the Magyar army and no prisoners were taken. No more raids took place by the Magyars. Returned stability. Otto was not there and neither was the saxon army. By 955 Otto was able to create an army fighting in his name without the Saxons. Recknitz (955) Capetians (9870) Porphyrogenita Theophanu (991) Assembly of Quedlinburg (973) Ottonian Renaissance Liuprand of Cremona (972) Hrotsuia of Gandersheim (1002) Terence (159 BC) – An author who creates pornographic plays Gerbert of Aurillac (1003) Liberal Arts Arabic Numberal Astrolabe...
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