Waiting for the end - th century. She propheysided that the...

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Waiting for the end Monastic Liberty M – the written way to describe the year 1000, much less menacing than “they year 1000” Terrors of the Year 1000 Gog & Magog - Raoul Glaber Millenarianism – the ancient Christian intellectual tradition. It is a subset of how the end will happen. Inside it contains the root 1000. It says that it will be sudden, violent, and not fun. It will create sweeping catastrophic changes. It will lead to 1000 years of bliss on Earth. Jesus will return and preside over earth for 1000, but only for the rightoues. Eschatology –interest in the last htings. Interest in things that will surround the end of time. Apocalypse Whore of Babylon – The figure who is interpreted as the roman empire, an authority figure who will appear at the end of time. Those who agknowledge her seductive powers will be led astray Allegory Thiota (846) – A heretical Christian prophetess during the 9
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Unformatted text preview: th century. She propheysided that the world would end in 847 Anno Domini Dates – Bedes great invention. Abbo of Fleury (989)- A cluniac house Bamberg Apocalypse – painitng of the apocalypse in an east Frankish kingdom. John is receiving the revelation from on high. Beatus of Liebana (798) – an image of the apocalypse htat stated the en Otto III (1002) Adalheid- was raised by his mother to be a good saxon warrior because if he was born near the year 1000 he must br raised to be a proper Germanic war lord. He was sent on his first campaign at age six against the slavs. He was always surrounded by his entourage. Theophanu Cosmocrator Adalbert of Prague Ginezno Peace of god movemet – a Frankish movement that promises to excommunicate anybody who is so violent that they are violent against non-combattints. Women, children, clergy....
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