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Michael Noeske Engineering 417 Assignment 6 February 9, 2012 Brian Wong Brian Wong has shown to be a successful entrepreneur already in his young career. With his invention of kiip, he became the youngest entrepreneur to ever receive venture capital according to the Wall Street Journal. To date, he has raised over 4.4 million dollars and has pioneered his a ”moments”-based advertising model which has an opportunity to significantly affect the advertising, as opposed to screen estate model which is viewed as the more traditional model. His story is inspirational not only because of his great success, but also because of his young age. . What impresses me most about Brian’s story is his ability to find success at such a young age. As I previously mentioned, Brian has raised $4.4 million dollars in funding already. His advertising project, titled Kiip has been listed by Forbes as one of the “4 hot online ad companies to put on your watch list.” I believe being able to convince experience investors in the legitimacy
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Unformatted text preview: and potential of your idea is a noteworthy characteristic. Because of his young age, Wong is in a position that few, if any, other entrepreneurs find themselves in. This position includes both challenges and opportunities, and to see how Wong approaches them will be interesting. A main challenge about his youth is that I believe that others will underestimate his abilities. This could lead to people attempting to take advantage of him. On top of that, Wong will be inexperienced, meaning that most situations will be novel for him and he will have to make big decisions with little experience. At the same time, I believe his youth poses a massive opportunity. Because he has already found early success I believe that it allows him to be more liberal with his decision making. He may more be daring in certain situations which could favor him. Furthermore, I believe that his youth enhances his creativity....
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