Entrepreneurship Assignment 1

Entrepreneurship Assignment 1 - Entrepreneurship Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Entrepreneurship Assignment 1 Michael Noeske What Entrepreneurship Means to Me Although the subject of entrepreneurship is very broad and even somewhat ambiguous, the conceptual idea I hold is something that I am very interested in. In fact, I have been interested in it for quite some time, having been a subscriber to Entrepreneur magazine for the past three years. There are multiple reasons why entrepreneurship is so appealing to me, but I believe all of these reasons stem from the lifestyle I can envision myself living as a successful entrepreneur. First, I believe entrepreneurship is an exciting career path to me as it is a career that is very dynamic. By dynamic, I mean that what an entrepreneur is involved with is always changing. An entrepreneur is rarely involved with only one project for the duration of their career. Entrepreneurs can gain a broad life experience through working in a wide variety of fields. Becoming a well-rounded person is not only the sign of an entrepreneur, but something fields....
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