Entrepreneurship Assignment 2

Entrepreneurship Assignment 2 - Entrepreneurship Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Entrepreneurship Assignment 2 Michael Noeske Christina Lampe-Onnerud has had an extremely successful and well-rounded career, being called a “40 year-old jazz singer, soccer mom, and research chemist.” One may wonder how she has been able to achieve such success in everything she has been involved with, however, the reasons behind her success become evident when you analyze three of her character traits, innovation, confidence, and her impressive work ethic, all of which are instrumental for a successful entrepreneur. The first important characteristic that Lampe-Onnerud displays is innovation. She has developed lithium-ion batteries for a wide array of electronics that are simply more powerful and efficient than her competition. Lampe-Onnerud has maintained an environmentally friendly approach to her work which is also admirable. Innovation is necessary for any person who hopes to be a successful entrepreneur. The basis of entrepreneurship is innovation. Although an entrepreneur is successful entrepreneur....
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