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Entrepreneurship Assignment 3 Michael Noeske Many high school students never have the opportunity to pitch an idea or project as a team. I was fortunate enough to have multiple opportunities to do this while I was in high school. In the 12 th grade during my United States Government class , students were placed in groups and assigned the task of drafting a provision to the government would be economically stimulating as well as innovative. I was assigned a group with two other students. We decided to pitch the law of the legalization and taxation of marijuana. Our group was instructed to pitch the concept to six other united states government classes. First, I believe that our excellent overall preparation was very helpful in our pitch. Because our team was so well prepared we were able to pitch our law with confidence. Pitching
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Unformatted text preview: an idea with confidence is very persuasive for viewers. Our preparation also enabled us to flow effectively from speaker to speaker. Additionally, we prepared a slide show with multiple visuals that were very helpful in connecting with our audience. The slideshow also spotlighted key statistics that we believed would be influential to our viewers. One potential mistake from our presentation is that it may have been overly long with a few too many facts, as this may have bored our viewers after the initial presentation began. Following up on that, in an attempt to make sure our presentation did not last too long, we attempted to speak too quickly which may have made our presentation difficult to understand....
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