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Entrepreneurship Essay 4 - Michael Noeske ENGR 417...

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Michael Noeske ENGR 417 Assignment 4 Creative Entrepreneurship Sean Combs is a rapper, record producer, actor, and subsequently a nontraditional entrepreneur from New York. Combs began his career as marketing intern with Uptown Records; he primarily served as a party promoter during this time. In 1993, Combs was fired from Uptown records and established Bad Boy Records, signing artists such as The Notorious B.I.G. and going on to produce for dozens more including Aretha Franklin and Usher. The record label has continued successfully and operates as a subsidy of Warner Music Group today. In 1998, Combs founded the clothing line Sean John. The brand has been a tremendous success, even receiving the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s award for best Menswear Designer. More recently, Combs has released a line of men’s fragrances under Sean John. Combs also began operating an upscale restaurant called “Justin’s” which is in Atlanta. In addition to these ventures, in 2007, Combs began developing high quality vodka, called Ciroc. The Vodka
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