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Michael Noeske Armenian 416 Literature Essay February 10, 2012 The Rap Game Rap: a genre seemingly epitomized by gangsters, violence, and drugs, and scorned by older generations. In actuality, this generalization is unfair and inaccurate. Rap lyrics have covered diverse topics from life and death to racism to religion to the search for identity. The content of rap is not all the same. Rap has developed and diversified over the past two decades. Although rappers frequently rap about spiritual and intelligent topics, many remain unconvinced on the value of rap as a genre of music and literature. These dissidents fail to realize the great of deal of competence rappers show in the field of literature through their frequent use of many literary devices. Before delving into the vast number of literary techniques employed by rappers in their songs, it is essential to recognize that rap IS poetry. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines poetry as “writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm,” and then goes on to define rap as “a rhythmic chanting often in unison of usually rhymed couplets to a musical accompaniment.” Although these definitions are not identical, first, you must consider that the lyrics of songs are written down before being performed. Second, you must acknowledge that rappers always deliver a message through their music. The message is sometimes positive, sometimes negative, ranging from African American struggles to smoking
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marijuana. Accepting the aforementioned points eliminates the discrepancies between the dictionary’s definitions of raps and poetry. Rhyming is one of the very first things people are taught about poetry and literature. The first poems people ever write are rhymes. Rappers use an extensive vocabulary combined with proper timing to rhyme words that people would generally not consider, there are no better
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Literature Essay - Michael Noeske Armenian 416 Literature...

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