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Unformatted text preview: Michael Noeske Political Science 416 Weekly Response February 12, 2012 Supreme Court Case Comparison The Violence Against Women Act, Guns in School Zones, Medical Marijuana, and Chicago Gun laws were all United State Supreme Court cases that dealt with the scope of the federal government’s political powers. Despite the apparent similarities there are fundamental differences between the cases. The VAWA, Guns in School Zones, and Medical Marijuana laws are all fundamentally different from the Chicago Gun Laws as the controversy surrounding them were all related to the commerce clause and the role of the federal government in regulating interstate commerce. The Chicago gun law was regarding the bill of rights, specifically an individual’s second amendment rights; their ability to bear arms. All of the laws are similar though, in that they are written hoping for the advancement of people’s well-being, VAWA is for women’s safety, Guns in School Zones is for student’s safety, Medical Marijuna is for the health...
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