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PoliticalSceince Response 1 - Michael Noeske Political...

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Michael Noeske Political Science 496 Week 1 Response States’ Rights Federalism and the Commerce Clause The case United States vs. Lopez was a Supreme Court case in 1995 that examined the authority and definition of the commerce clause. In this case, I do not agree with the government action. My political opinion is that congress did have authority to take action. Violence and weapons in schools is a persistent problem that has a statistically significant effect on the educational environment. Decreasing the quality of schools has an influence on the job market, as well as global competition. Because of this, gun violence and possession clearly has an effect on interstate commerce and falls under the commerce clause. Furthermore, congress has the authority to prohibit the possession of firearms at any location because of their potential to harm, and then they should be able to prohibit their possession in any particular market as well.
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