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MKT 4443 -- International Marketing Assignment 3 Your Section 1 Your Name: Allison Lee Your LSU ID: 893865836 Franchising Goes Global
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1a) (5 pts) What major global marketing issue(s) does the article discuss? In the article, Franchising Goes Global, a global marketing issue that occurs in the article is the fact that the size of the market, the complexities of regional differences, are making market penetration difficult import franchise. The article also explains that foreign franchises face many difficulties into entering: different customs, business adaptability, different construction costs, consumer acceptance, local competition, economic climate, available labor pool and differences in labor rates, product availability and sourcing, intellectual property protection, and taxation and tariff issues , which effect the cost to market entry. 1b) (5 pts) What ideas does the article suggest to address these marketing issues? The article suggests that when a foreign market wants to enter/franchisors can enter in many different ways. There is entry through joint ventures, master franchising, or direct franchising. In doing so involves the responsibilities of various parties. It states that majority decided to use the master franchising structure relationship, because it takes on all the responsibilities of a traditional franchisor. They must to build, open, operate, and refine a prototype to serve as a preliminary, before
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Writing_Assignment_Template-3 - MKT 4443 - International...

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