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annotated bib. final draft - 1 Lee Allison Lee Ms. Helana...

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1 Lee Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000, Section 104 5 February 2010 Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft Online Dating Horror Stories. PC World, 13 February 2008. Web. 27 January 2010. < >. The ABC News article, Online Dating Horror Stories , states, “Internet dating has become an extremely popular way to meet people, and has indeed brought a lot of lonely folks together.” Their goal was to find the “funniest, strangest, and most horrific online dating stories they could find.” This article shows a negative perspective to online dating, and proves that a person can alter whom they really are. One of the stories that caught my attention explained that a profile picture doesn’t mean they look like that in reality. They had emailed back and forth for a while, finally deciding to meet face-to-face. Browsing through his pictures, she noticed that he had a nice bike. The bike was the only thing that she recognized. In the end she had to make an excuse to leave her date. Couch, Danielle. Liamputtong, Parinee. “Online Dating and Mating: the use of Internet to Meet Sexual Partners.” Qualitative Health Research 18 (2008): (286-79). EBSCO Host. 28 January 2010< _louis_lsu.x?url= 7056>. In the article, Couch and Liamputtong discuss the issue of online dating and how the uses of the Internet, weather to meet new people, sexual partners, or potential relationships, have increase. Couch explains that the use of online dating has become more judgmental, than it was before. Now you can “flitter” out the things that you want, and don’t want. Online dating is not just “dating” anymore, statics state that “9.8% of the people using the Internet for online sexual activities were using it to find people to date, and 9.8% were using it to facilitate offline sexual activities.” (268) Surprisingly enough, it is both men and women who are using the Internet as a way to meet sexual partners. This will be a useful article because it explains that there are other uses for online dating, which can be misunderstanding for some. One person may think that they are dating, and the other might think that they are just having fun with each other. Clemmit, Marcia. Cyber Socializing. CQ Researcher. 16, (265-48) 28 July 2006. CQ Researcher. Online Database. 27 January 2010 <>. Clemmit explains to us the use of Internet socializing has become extremely dangerous.
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annotated bib. final draft - 1 Lee Allison Lee Ms. Helana...

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