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explaination of an issue rough

explaination of an issue rough - Lee 1 Allison Lee Ms...

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Lee 1 Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000; Section 104 5 March 2010 Exposing the Truths about Online Dating Online dating is a very controversial topic in our generation. Whether it is a controversial issue for those who use online dating services because of safety or because of finding a successful partner, using online dating services nonetheless renders a debate. Three years ago, “American’s spent over $500 million on online dating” in 2007, “making it the second highest industry for ‘paid content’ on the web, which shows that online dating is in high demand. There is a wide variety of how people view online dating. While some users see online dating as being deceptive, many find that it is an effective way to meet or communicate with other users of online dating. There is no way of determining if online dating is right or wrong, nonetheless, online dating users have had success or a horrible experience One disadvantage of online dating is how it can be deceiving if the two internet users decide to meet. There is a possibility that the dating user ends up not being who they claim to be. According to the “internet dating has become an extremely popular way to meet people, and has indeed brought a lot of lonely folks together,” says ABC News “ Online Dating Horror Stories.” The statement may be true, but it does not mean that it will keep these “lonely folks together.” ABC News article on, Online Dating Horror Stories , which tells how online dating users were mislead when they met face to face with the internet user they were “dating.” One online dater, Jill, tells us about one of her horrific experiences. Jill tells ABC News that she “got an ad from a guy looking roughly [her] age who [had] a hot bike” the two emailed back and forth and finally decided to meet with one another. Jill stated that the “only thing [she] recognized was the bike”. Her date ended up being older than he claimed to be, did not look like the person in the pictures, and was all round just not what she expected. Jill’s story verifies that the use of online dating can be misleading because there is no way of telling if that is, in fact, what that person may look like. Even though Jill had an awful experience using the internet to meet a significant other, there are other internet users that have had a positive outcome by using online dating services.
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2 There are also people who have found a significant other, with help from the internet.
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explaination of an issue rough - Lee 1 Allison Lee Ms...

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