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giving into temptation

giving into temptation - Lee1 Allison Lee Ms Helana Brigman...

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Lee1 Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000; Section 104 31 March 2010 Giving into Temptation: A Mistress’ Realization Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “Sexy” tells of a married man and a young “inexperienced” woman who falls in “love” and how their relationship ends as quickly as it began. Both characters, Miranda and Dev, each fall into temptation: Miranda, a young woman who has not been in a “real” relationship, unaware of her quick thinking and is tempted into being considered a “mistress”, while Dev is a married man who falls into the temptation of infidelity. Another similarity the two characters share, is that each is considered to be exotic, and that their differences are able to catch the other’s attention. In the short story “Sexy”, Lahiri suggests that her story of Miranda and Dev can relate to relationships today, that regardless of one’s status, the difference of one’s physical characteristics are extremely appealing. In the beginning of the short story “Sexy”, Lahiri shows that both Miranda and Dev are thought to be exotic, different, to one another. Right away, while walking “walking through the cramped, confined” department store, “Miranda notice[s] a man standing at one of the counters” (85) he was well dressed, “tanned, with black hair that was visible on his knuckles” (86). The descriptions of Dev characteristics are important because it explains how noticeable he was, even though they were far apart. On the other
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2 hand, Miranda is twenty-two with “silver eyes and skin [that was] as pale as paper [was in] contrast [to] her hair [that was] as dark and glossy as an espresso bean” (87). Both are quite different from one another, as to where the old saying “opposites attract” holds true. In Miranda in Boston: Jhumpa Lahiri’s “sexy” and Shakespeare’s The Tempest , but John A. McDermott, Basudeb and Angana Chakrabarti say that,“‘being an outsider to another creates a tension in [the] individuals’” (24-45) (McDermott 85), which may have brought the characters to interact with one another. Even though both characters are attracted towards the other, Dev is the first to exhibit temptation. Throughout the story, Dev’s temptation of infidelity is noticed by his actions.
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giving into temptation - Lee1 Allison Lee Ms Helana Brigman...

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