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journal 2 - even websites that you pay for can be...

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Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000, Section 104 1 Feb. 2010 Journal 2 I feel that the article from the CQ Researcher, by Marcia Clemmit, will be very useful for my explaining an issue paper because it shows the dangers that have arisen in the past few years, that are easily accessed by teenagers. Clemmit explains that websites such as Facebook and MySpace are not properly set and are becoming a major “privacy issue”. It explains that anyone can access either website without giving their real information, and can talk to anyone they desire. Her research will show the negative side to online dating and hopefully show the real dangers of it. Another article by Mallory Simon shows a negative side to online dating. I believe that people who use online dating as a source to meet people, rather than trying to meet someone at work or someone in their neighborhood, are have self-confident issues and Simon’s article shows use that
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Unformatted text preview: even websites that you pay for can be judgmental. She tells us that the website Beautifulpeople.com, is one of the most judgmental websites out there. Before you can become an “elite member”, after your profile is posted, people that are already members have 48 hours to judge your picture. Your profile must be judged as “beautiful, if not you are not allowed to be a member. Simon’s article tells us that Beautifulpeople.com have re-evaluated some of their members, and those who were not up to par, and had gained the “holiday weight” will have to re-register and be voted upon again, before they could be a member. I feel that this article shows how, even online, you can be rejected, just as real life. The article will help show a negative side to online dating because online dating is not an easy way to get a date....
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