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Journal-arguing position

Journal-arguing position - to person and that it may depend...

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Lee 1 Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000; section 104 16 April 2010 Journal For my arguing a position paper, the topic I choose to discuss about is, whether or not being involved in Greek Life (a sorority or fraternity) gives you more opportunities (scholarships, job opportunities, meeting a wide variety of people/friends, etc.) than if you were not involved in Greek Life. One major reason I think that I will be able to research my topic efficiently because I am in a sorority and feel that I have had many opportunities that have helped me succeed in school, meet new people, and be a more well-rounded person. Another way I will explore my topic strategically is by interviewing someone who is in a sorority of fraternity (who has had positive experiences and opportunities available to them), and interviewing a student who is not involved in Greek Life (asking if they regret not participating in Rush, what they life about not being involved in Greek life, etc.). I also understand that it varies from person
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Unformatted text preview: to person, and that it may depend if the student is an out of state student (like I am). I also plan on reading articles discussing about a school’s Greek Life, articles discussing a positive outlook on from being in Greek life, and also looking at some articles that consider not being in Greek Life is better. 2 Thesis: It is better to be involved Greek Life because there are more opportunities available for those students, it is an easy way to meet new people/friends (especially if one is an out of state student), and that it also encourages students to do well in school and to be involved. There are people who believe that being in a sorority or fraternity useless and superficial, that they would be “paying for their friends”. Many Greek people do not feel that they are “paying for their friends” and that it is a lifetime experience that will help them after they graduate....
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Journal-arguing position - to person and that it may depend...

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