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litarly analysis essay skeleton - Support Buying things...

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Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000; section 104 19 March 2010 Essay Skeleton Thesis __________________________________________________________________ Topic Sentence #1 In Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story, “Sexy”, the main character Miranda exhibits temptation for a stranger Support Spotting a man (Dev) in the department store, not wanting him to leave while she was still there. Support Curious as to where he was from. Topic Sentence #2 Dev’s wondering eye/ears catch her name, and tries to make a connection with her telling her that her name is part Indian, with his Aunt having the name Mira Support His footsteps are in rhythm with hers Support Standing at another counter and still catching her name, not just the first part, but the whole name Topic Sentence #3 His temptation gets the better of him, knowing he has a wife, but still “flirting” Support The cosmetics being for his wife, hesitating while saying “wife”. Support Making the remark that his wife is going out of town Topic Sentence #4 She considered herself a mistress
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Unformatted text preview: Support Buying things that she thought that he would like to see her in Support Buying food that she knew that he liked Topic Sentence #5 when the wife returned, he didnt call her like he used to and they would only see each other on Sundays Support used to visit in suit and tie, now visited wearing sweatpants as his excuse to come into town for a run Support made a phone call while he had people over, in private most likely. Conclusion Jhumpa Lahiri short story, sexy shows how relationships can be considered to be similar to Mirianda and Devs. Married people find that someone who may be younger tempting, and knowing their spouse is not there, makes it more tempting. Just as Miranda realized that their relationship would not work in the end, the old saying He says hell leave but he never will, hold its truth. Majority of married couples that fall into some type of temptation never leave their spouse....
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litarly analysis essay skeleton - Support Buying things...

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