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rough draft aruging

rough draft aruging - Lee1 Allison Lee Ms Helana Brigman...

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Lee1 Allison Lee Ms. Helana Brigman English 2000; Section 104 21 April 2010 To Frat or Not to Frat The involvement of a Greek organization is often looked down upon. Many people associate that Greek students are a bunch of wild, crazy kids, whose only concern is what their plans are for the night. Yes, Greek students like to have a good time, but what college student does not like to have fun? What many do no understand is that Greek students must maintain an image, not only on campus, but also for their National Organization. Greek affiliation allows students the opportunity to meet new people quickly, expand leadership skills, thus becoming a well-rounded individual. Even though it can be considered useless and stereotypical, the involvement of Greek Life is better because there are more opportunities available for those students, helps students meet new friends, especially out of state students, and encourages the students to do well in school and to be involved. Greek affiliation gives students many options to succeed in life, not only socially but emotionally as well. Chesley Powada, a Zeta Tau Alpha at Louisiana State University, provided her outlook about being in a sorority. Being an out of state student, she has found many new friends, Greek and non-Greek, much faster and with ease. She states that Greek involvement
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