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Teen sex -...

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Teen sex:  Do abstinence-only programs discourage teen sex? Teenagers reportedly are increasingly going for what they call “hook- ups” — casual sexual encounters at parties and clubs between  youngsters who are not emotionally involved with one another. These encounters are facilitated by new technology — like cell  phones and the Internet — which eliminate the “first date” — where a  boy would pick up his date at her home and meet her parents, which  social scientists say used to help foster sexual responsibility. http://library.cqpress.com.libezp.lib.lsu.edu/cqresearcher/document.p
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Unformatted text preview: hp?id=cqresrre2005091600&type=hitlist&num=1 sex scandals: do the media pay too much attention to adultery -From Thomas Jefferson to Tiger Woods, sex scandals have been a recurring feature of American life are powerful men more prone to affairs-For millennia, suggests Florida Atlantic University evolutionary psychologist Todd Shackleford, the underlying motivation for males in taking risks and achieving power and status was to become attractive in order to woo and win women http://library.cqpress.com.libezp.lib.lsu.edu/cqresearcher/document.php? id=cqresrre2010012200&type=hitlist&num=10...
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