COLLARS - 50. Knife or Side Juliet 22.Tailored or Shirt 78...

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COLLARS - 26 NECKLINES SKIRTS EXTRAS____/10z 1.Asymmetric 34.Halter 6-Gored 2.Bertha (flat or full roll) 35.Henley (no collar) 63.Kilt 92.BOW TIE 95.MIDI SKIRT 96.PEGGED 3.Cape Jewel or Plain 64.Pencil 4.Chelsea 36.Keyhole Raised waist 5.Convertible 37.Off-shoulder 65.Sarong 6.Cowl 38.One-shoulder 66. Slit 7.Flat 39.Peasant or Drawstring 99.SABRINA 67. Straight 8.Full roll 40.Scoop 68.Tiered or Layered 9.Funnel 41.Square 69.Trumpet 10.Jabot (cascading) 42.Surplice/wrap 11.Johnny or Short roll 43.Sweetheart SLEEVES - 23 12.Mandarin or Nehru 44.Twist 13.Notched 45.U-Neck Angel 14.Peaked Lapel Collar 46.V-Neck 70.Batwing 15.Peter Pan 71.Bell 16.Portrait PLEATS – 6 72.Bishop Puritan 73.Cap 17.Rever or Lapel 47.Accordion or Crystal 74.Cape 18.Ruff or Pierrot 98.RUFFLED 48 Box (type of inverted) 75.Dolman Sailor or Middy 49.Hip-stitched (stitched down) 76. Draped 19.Shawl (partial roll) Inverted Dropped armscye 20.Standing Band (built up) Kick (open knife pleat) 77.Flared 21.Stock or Ascot
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Unformatted text preview: 50. Knife or Side Juliet 22.Tailored or Shirt 78 Kimono 23.Turtle neck 100.TUXEDO SILHOUETTE 7 79.Leg-o-Mutton 91. A-LINE Wing 93.BUSTLE 80.Melon 51.Empire/Raised 81.Peasant CUFFS 4 52. Hourglass/ Full Skirt/ Bouffant 82.Petal 53.Rectangle 83.Puff 24.Band or Barrel Reverse Triangle 84. Raglan 25.Fitted 54. Sheath 85.Ruffled French/Double Cuff 55.Triangle or Trapeze Saddle 26.Knit 97.ROLLED 56.Trumpet 86.Set-in 87.-Length NECKLINES - 22 SKIRTS - 17 88. Trumpet 27.Asymmetric 57.A-Line WAISTLINES - 6 28.Bateau or Boat 58.Bubble 29.Built-up 59.Draped 94.DOME 89.Dropped or Low Rise 30.Camisole 60.Flared 90. Empire (raised, high) 31.Cardigan 61.Flounced 91.Midriff Yoke 32.Cowl 62 Full Circle or Circular Normal Fitted 33.Crew neck (knit crew) Gathered (Full Skirt) 92.Pointed (up or down) Decolette 4-Gored Princess Lines...
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COLLARS - 50. Knife or Side Juliet 22.Tailored or Shirt 78...

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