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HUEC 2030 lab1 - Leave it to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to...

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Leave it to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to leave nothing to the imagination. The “Olsen twins”, as they are referred to, appear to have the mind set that nothing is impossible. Both girls are actresses, fashion icons, and well-known and respected fashion designers, just to name a few. What has put them back in the spotlight, in a positive way, is their fashion line, Elizabeth and James. Their desire to please their customers and fans, as one would say, shows their compassion instead of money driven. Acting was only the beginning, which only opened doors to their talet. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born on June 16, 1986, in Sherman Oaks, California, to parents David and Jarnette Olsen. In 1987, a short nine months later, the two first debuted in the sitcom series, Full House as Michelle Tanner, and continued to play Michelle until the series end in 1995. The Olsen twins continued acting in their new television series on ABC, their video series, and acting in multiple movie roles. In 1996, the girls were known to be the youngest producers at the age of six, with the start of their company Dualstar Productions. Along with their many accomplishments, the two girls decided to attend, New York University in 2004. As Ashley continued her education at NYU, Mary-Kate decided to return to California to focus on the new developments at Dualstar, and were able to take full control over the company. With all the accomplishments and attention that the girls have gathered, it is obvious that the two would be considered to be good role models to the millions of young girls around the world. Since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in the public eye for numerous years, many
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HUEC 2030 lab1 - Leave it to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to...

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