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03:54 MISSED FROM 3-31-11 Finishes Affect fabric surface or penetrate fibers Appearance Functional 3 aspects of surface characteristics surface contour  absolute smoothness  creates sharp silhouette rough—looks softer smooth—looks hard fuzzy  holds soil, show less than flat surface seams disappear in rough of patterned surface friction  resistance to supplying  determines extent to which surface shade over each other or stick together thermal character how fabric feels to touch function of absorbency generally—more absorbent fibers warm to touch than synthetic  hand the tactile quality of a manipulated 
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3-d substance  flexibility compressibility extensibility resilience density texture reaction to light admit transparent translucent absorb opaque reflect opaque transparent admits the most light can see through it clearly translucent admits some light can identify heavy silhouette behind it but not sharp detail 
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MISSED FROM 3 - 03:54 MISSEDFROM33111 Finishes

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