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Group Project: Children’s Wear As the group leader, I felt there was a little more pressure on me because they were my friends and I didn’t want to boss them around or sound like a bitch. In the end it worked out perfectly! Everyone stepped up and put a lot of effort into anything that they were supposed to do. Before Spring Break, we all decided that we would get together before we left and get a few worksheets done and get our roles set. Monica and I, since after meeting with you, had a better understanding of how to do some of the worksheets and were able to complete 6 of them. Even though roles were “assigned”, even after doing what each of us were supposed to do, we all ended up helping each other with anything else that needed to be done. Monica, Laurel, and I were doing majority of the mathematic worksheets and Emma and Maggie did the classifications sheets. Since the classification sheets did not take as much time as the mathematic worksheets, both would always ask if there was anything that needed to be done and would help whomever with the worksheet
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