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Innovators - Innovators sophisticate take-charge attitude...

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Innovators - sophisticate, take-charge attitude, open to by new products, significant resources at disposal Michael, 44, is the chief operating officer of a pharmaceutical company. He is married to Sandy, 46, specializes in adoption and family law. They have a child, Jennifer, 8, who attends private school. Both Michael and Sandy enjoy shopping. Sandy typically shops for Jennifer, who is vocal about the clothes she wears. Both Michael and Sandy look for good customer service and knowledgeable salesman when shopping. Thinker - idealistic, practical, value functionality and durability; “satisfied, mature, comfortable, reflective people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility” J oan is a 53 years old, retired high school teacher, who is married to Bob, 56, an attorney specializing in estate planning. Bob and Joan have two grown children: Deborah, age 23, and David, 28. David is married and will be expecting a baby. Joan typically does the shopping, but both Joan and Bob are more concerned that
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