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LAB 1 - the next 2 years it is undeniable that she would be...

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Allison Lee 1-27-11 HUEC 3043—Section 2 Lab Assignment 1 Dominating Event: Presidential Election 2009 Dominating Ideas: Patriotism, equality Dominating Social Groups: Politician, celebrity, those with wealth, power, and leadership positions Dominating Attitude: Casual, desire for differentiation vs. desire for conformity, casualness, political climate Dominating Technology: Internet Surprise Free Scenario: Since Michelle Obama is constantly in the spotlight, and will continue to be for
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Unformatted text preview: the next 2 years, it is undeniable that she would be considered a fashion icon. Best Case Scenario: Having the positive feedback from the majority helps influence others to follow that fashion. People will want to look, dress, and act like the one who is viewed so highly. Worst Case Scenario: It would affect the approval ratings, which would ultimately affect the voting outcome. In turn, this would change the overall look of how people would dress...
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