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earthquakes notes - o Rising body of magma could be causing...

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Natural Disasters Earthquakes Pacific Northwest—Juan de Fuca plate going down under the north American plate Arizona and Nevada earthquakes are a result of pull apart tectonics o West coast moving quicker than east coast, causing earthquakes from being  stretched apart Same w/ rocky mtns Hawaii’s earthquakes are volcano-related Mississippi River Valley—ancient rift zone o Huge earthquakes cause church bells in boston to ring, change direction of river
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Unformatted text preview: o Rising body of magma could be causing quakes o Could also be caused by the reelfoot rift • New England—Theories of quakes o Glacial rebound-crust of earth popping up as a result of weight coming off o Old pluton rising up o Reactivation of rift system o SW/NE regional compression—rocks being squeezed o Very small quakes every other day o When will the big one come? o Last big one in 1755---cape ann, ma About 6.5 scale •...
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