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PHI 214 study guide #1

PHI 214 study guide #1 - Issues in Business Ethics(PHI 214...

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Issues in Business Ethics (PHI 214) Study Guide for First Essay Examination Spring 2012 (Marnell) Be able to answer these questions in a brief essay. When answering a question, imagine you are explaining the material to someone who has no background in ethics. So you need to explain what you mean, not just repeat phrases that would be meaningless to such a person. Chapter 1: 1) Describe the facts of the case about the cheating spouse from the video “Do Unto Others” (Ethics in America #1). Explain what you believe a person should do in this case if that person is close friends with both the one having the affair and the spouse.. Explain your reasons for that view. 2) What is the relationship between ethics and law? How do ethical questions relate to professional codes of groups like American Bar Association or the Financial Accounting Standards Board? What does the text say is an individual’s responsibility if ethics and law conflict, or ethics and professional codes, and then explain what you believe an individual should do in such a situation, and WHY? 3) What is meant by ethical relativism? How is this different from ethical subjectivism? Why might people think that ethical relativism should apply to the culture of business? What is one major problem with accepting ethical relativism as an adequate standard for ALL moral judgments?
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